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Manual Handling strategies to prevent injuries in Patient Handling.

The manutention method of patient handling has a biomechanical basis enhanced by principles from physiotherapy and the study of human movement, the martial arts, and weight lifting. Manutention minimises lifting and the impact of lifting. It is a specific teaching approach based on adult learning principles. Because of its focus on retraining specific movement patterns, it lends itself to competency measurement.
Manutention is designed to assist participants to develop a pattern of self-protective behaviour.

A Manutention based manual handling program provides many benefits to your organization:

¨Significantly reduce manual handling injuries for employees and handling injuries received by clients. This is due to the focus on self-protective behaviours in Manutention trained participants and focus on the independence and safety of the client.

¨ Significant reduction in costs resulting from manual handling injuries. Studies show that there is a marked reduction in the cost of injuries and in the severity of injuries experienced in organizations that have adopted Manutention. Workers Compensation insurance premiums are reduced when an organization can demonstrate a consistent reduction in the cost of their workers compensation injuries.

¨Demonstrable compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1994) to provide appropriate manual handling training and a safe system of work.

¨Manutention not only reduces injuries, but provides a more efficient and less mechanically stressful method of working, giving employees more energy at the end of the day. There are anecdotal reports of improved staff morale in organizations that have adopted the Manutention approach.

¨Manutention training provides an organization with an objective assessment tool for assessing the competency of their staff in the manual handling tasks they perform.


Manutention courses available:

Janet is able to provide a quote for your organisation training staff in Manual Handling. Demonstrations, Workshops and Short Training Courses can be developed on request to meet specific needs OR Manutention for Health Care courses developed by the Australian Association of Manutention.

Level 2 in Health Care (Manutention Workplace Coach 1:1
An introductory proficiency course designed to develop self-protective behaviours and to develop workplace assessment skills. At the completion of this course, participants will have gained the skills to coach others in the workplace. The Level 2 course is a five day course

Level 3 in Health Care (Manutention Workplace Trainer - Short Courses 1:8
This is an advanced proficiency course, focusing on patient handling in specific Health Care settings. This course builds problem solving and training skills.
There are 2 courses of 4 days, (total of 8 days), incorporated as part of level 3. To attain level 3, a Workplace Trainer assessment needs to be completed. Following a successful assessment, the participant is able to run short courses on Manutention for their organisation.

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There has long been a demand for training of anyone concerned with aquatics for the disabled.
About the workshop:
This is a one-day course, 9am-5pm, for therapists, parents, carers or swimming teachers to discuss and learn issues relating to people with disabilities in the aquatic environment.
Time will be available to discuss individual issues/ case studies throughout the day.

AUSTSWIM participants gain 10 re-registration points and all attendees will receive a participation certificate.

Course Contents:
o Introduction to disabilities & the aquatic environment,
o Aims and Benefits of being in the water
o Various disabilities - Aquatic implications, safety and medical considerations
o Behavioural management strategies
o Entries/exits/holds/supports
o Equipment to enable independence
o Manual Handling Techniques, use of hoists and Manutention principles

Course cost:
$110.00 - includes course notes, morning and afternoon teas